What You Need To Know About Eating Organic

Let’s start by addressing what organic food is. Organic refers to how products are grown and processed. Organic crops are those that are grown without the use of petroleum based fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. Contrary to popular belief, pesticides are still used when growing organic crops, however they are naturally-derived. These pesticides are generally less toxic compared to that of the synthetic pesticides. Organic meats, eggs, and dairy products come from livestock that is fed organic feed and have an ample amount of access to the outdoors. They are raised without growth hormones and animal by-products. This is what makes organic food products much more favorable from a consumer’s perspective.

Organic foods have many benefits that directly impact your mental, emotional, and physical heath as well as the health of the environment. Organic food is often fresher than their conventionally-grown counterparts due to the absence of preservatives. It is also because of this that organic foods tend to stay fresh longer. Organic foods are also GMO free. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. This means that the plant DNA is not altered in any way.

The benefits of eating organic are clear, however, a main reason many people decide against eating organic is because of the cost. While not always the case, organic food is often more expensive than foods that are inorganic. That being said, there is a way to eat healthier and not break the bank. One way to do so is by shopping at your local farmer’s market. Here, local farmers sell their crops for a much lower price than at the supermarket.

Another buying tip to remember is that you should buy in season. Fruits and vegetables are cheapest when they are in season. This is also when they are the most fresh. Have you ever noticed that a pound of strawberries can be much more expensive in the winter than in the summer? It is because strawberries are in season from April to August.

Overall yes, switching to organic will mean changes in how you shop and what you eat. However, most people that have made the decision to switch to organic foods have noticed extreme changes in their mental, emotional and physical health. Organic food will improve health and wellness in various ways. So what do you think, can you make the switch?