Ways to Get an Uncluttered Garage

There’s no better way to unclutter your garage space than to have a garage sale. By committing to a garage sale, you’re also committing to get your space more organized. After all, you need to sort through your items if you want to figure out what you’re going to sell. This is a great way to turn your unwanted items into cash easily! These tips will help you plan and execute a successful garage sale while simultaneously cleaning out your garage effectively.

  • Choose a Date- Figure out when you’ll host your garage sale. Make sure you leave yourself enough time between now and the garage sale date so that you have time to sort through your items thoroughly.
  • Clear out your Garage- Start by clearing out your entire garage top to bottom. This is the best way to ensure you’ve went through all the items in this space. Grab some friends and family to help make this project much easier and quicker.
  • Permit or No Permit- It’s important to look at your city’s regulations to find out if you need a permit in order to run the garage sale. In today’s world, many cities require one. Sometimes, you can easily apply for one online. Do your research so you don’t break rules and regulations in your city regarding garage sales.
  • Advertise- How else will people find out about your garage sale? The goal is to sell your items, so advertise like it. Post newspaper ads, Craigslist ads, and hang up posters around your neighborhood. Also, inform friends and family through word-of-mouth.
  • Sorting & Pricing- As the date approaches, make sure your items are all sorted out and priced correctly. You don’t want to price items too low or too high, so do your research.

These pointers will help you clean out the garage and get organized once and for all. While many of us put this project off, the sooner you tackle it, the better.