Top Recruitment Tips for 2017

If you’re looking to improve your recruitment success, you’re not alone. Many companies are struggling with the competition for talent because there are so many platforms to inquire new candidates. In addition, multiple companies are competing for the leading candidates. More than ever, it’s critical for companies to focus on improving their recruitment strategies so they can get the top candidates they are competing for.

First and foremost, recruiters today must think with a marketer’s mentality. Recruiters need to consider objectives, product, and audience. In regards to objectives, recruiters need to consider what they’re trying to accomplish and how they intend to achieve it. The product refers to the company you’re trying to “sell” to candidates. Just as candidates need to impress the company, the company must impress their candidates. Lastly, the audience is the candidates and what qualities and skills they must have. Identify who you want to hire, what skills they need to have, and where you’ll find them.

The next step in recruitment is creating the marketing plan. You need to spell out what activities you will go through in order to meet the objectives you have established. Recruiters need to come up with a timeline, especially if the job needs to be filled immediately. Another aspect to include in the planning stage is the cost. You’ll need to consider the cost of finding candidates, interviewing them, and hiring them. It’s better to establish this now rather than later.

Another important step of the recruiting process is creating effective messages. You want to tailor a message to applicants that makes them want to work for your company instead of for your competitors. Recruiters should highlight positive attributes of the company, from its charity work to training opportunities. It’s important that these messages actually match what the candidate will find upon hire. If it’s all a big lie, you can have far bigger troubles in the long-run.

The best recruiters for businesses abide by the above-mentioned steps. These steps greatly improve the recruiting process, bringing in better, more qualified candidates.