Creating Better Web Designs

Web design is always changing. New technology, concepts, and software help designers improve web designs and create better websites. No matter how long a designer has been in the industry, they need to continue researching and learning about new methods and tips for better designs. This article will help designers of all skill levels improve their designs in the 2017 year.

  • Eliminate the use of pop-ups: Pop-up advertisements are outdated, slow down loading times, and irritate visitors. Implementing pop-up ads will only lead visitors to leave your site and never return. If you must advertise, delegate a side-bar for ads. However, even this can lead to slow load times. Make sure you don’t jeopardize your site’s speed for advertising purposes.
  • More image content: Image-driven approaches have acquired the spotlight recently. Images help communicate messages in way that saves time and web page real estate. This leaves designers with more space. Use images to communicate ideas and then elaborate with some text.
  • Conversational cues: The interaction involved in conversational cues greatly improve the user experience. Conversational cues help spark up a conversation and offer customer support in an easy, fun way. This creates a more interactive and engaging experience. It also improves overall web design since this is a newly implemented technology.
  • Compatibility: It’s important that your website is functional in addition to having appeal. The site must be compatible on all browsers and all devices. Without functionality, your website is utterly useless. You’ll lose visitors if you lack in this department, so make sure you have full website compatibility before launching your site.
  • Speed: The speed of your website can either make or break its success. It’s important to use smaller file sizes to increase the overall speed. Also, avoid using too many GIFs or pop-up advertisements since both create slower load times. Visitors don’t have patience to wait for your site to load and you must also make these considerations before launching as well.

For leading web design and development, consult with a professional in the industry. They can more easily utilize these tips in their web designs.